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Oil Analysis

DEMSY has Teamed with Analysts, Inc. to Bring its Customers the Highest Quality Service and Test Results

Don't be fooled by the oil vendors so called "free Analysis". These free tests are great for identifying unsuitable oil, but will not identify mechanical faults.

We cornerstone our services with spectrochemical analysis of 21 metallic elements that may be present in your lubricants and fluids. These elements identify wear corrosion and wear metals, dirt contamination, coolant additives and oil additives. The oil additives are part of the manufacturing process to ensure proper use and the protection of equipment and systems.

A full complement of testing measures the physical properties of lubricants and fluids.

Viscosity, acid number (AN), and water content are customarily measured. Tests for fuel dilution, Base Number (BN), LEM® soot measurement, oxidation and nitration, may also be recommended and performed on a regular basis.


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