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Successful use of a predictive maintenance program in both nuclear and fossil plants can help utilities limit deterioration of necessary structures, systems, and components and prevent complete failure of some equipment. Predictive maintenance presumes that all equipment may deteriorate sooner or later, thus leading to partial or complete loss of function. Predictive maintenance monitors the condition or the performance of necessary structures, systems, and components. It detects deterioration, analyzes it, and predicts future deterioration. Using these predictions, maintenance teams can act to limit deterioration and prevent complete failure.

Outsourcing of predictive maintenance to power plant operation is gaining popularity in the industry. Increasing costs for fuel, increased competition, and an uncertain economic environment provide strong incentives for improving efficiency in the production of electric power while maintaining reliability. At the same time, reduction of head count, downsizing and the necessity to stay online as long as possible places a greater emphasis to rely on Demsy for periodic monitoring and analysis for predictive maintenance.

A predictive maintenance program is usually implemented using an existing set of resources at a power plant. While some elements of a Demsy program may already be established, they need to be organized into an effective process. Because of this, the first step is usually to perform a Demsy assessment that identifies both the existing and missing elements. The next step, planning Demsy program implementation, involves creating a customized plan to meet utility or plant-specific needs and goals. This is followed by actually completing the implementation and maintenance of an ongoing plant Demsy process, including tracking, measuring, and improving key program elements.

Many attempts to change the management processes fail because organizations implement change in a haphazard way, destabilizing the organization's existing way of managing work without fully implementing a more effective way. The transition from the old to the new is a chaotic and difficult process. It requires a clear understanding of where the organization is trying to go and how it's going to get there. This understanding can only be achieved as organizational leaders learn what works best in their situation and then design and implement the solutions needed to achieve and sustain high performance levels. Helping organizational leaders of today and tomorrow gain this knowledge is the mission of Demsy.


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