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Building Facilities

Improving your facility’s availability and performance is key to achieving your business goals. But both are dependent on how you manage your key environmental assets- mechanical equipment, electrical systems, steam traps, air handling units, fire control pumps, hot water pumps, etc.

Market conditions, customer demands, relentless competition, and price slashing all combine to make running a facility and keeping occupancy high a hectic and demanding task. Who needs the additional pressure of failed equipment, catastrophic failures, and lack of personnel to make things right while maintaining a low investment profile?

DEMSY has provided Predictive Maintenance Programs that are ideally suited for buildings and facilities throughout California. Demsy’s approach is simple:

  • Identify the areas of concern
  • Identify the critical components
  • Provide a plan to address these concerns
  • Implement the plan.
Cooling Towers
Air Handler Fans



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