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Clean rooms, batch quantities, ultra-pure, high purity ingredients, positive purge, filtered air environments, time to approval, evaluations, test groups, efficacy, enormous capital investments, competition. These all weigh heavily and play a significant role in the development of the new generations of pharmaceuticals and bio-engineered technologies for the future.

It is no small task to keep the operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The investment in the ingredients alone before they become the medicines of the future can be staggering. Losing these through failed equipment during a batch run could spell disaster. From running the facilities infrastructure to the manufacturing and packaging lines, a coordinated effort must be maintained in order to get these finished products to the shipping docks.

It is so important to address these concerns that Demsy has become the preferred supplier of Predictive Maintenance Services. With Demsy working in concert with Maintenance Teams, and all machinery running at optimum efficiencies, improved throughput can be achieved. Loss of product, waste streams, disposal costs and catastrophic failures can be eliminated. Profit margins increase significantly.

The power of using Demsy to predict can be the difference between a successful operation and failure.



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