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The manufacturing sector has seen more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. Overseas competition, energy requirements, changing lifestyles, environmental requirements, consumer demands, ever increasing costs for development and productivity demands bring enormous pressures to companies large and small alike. 

The high costs for keeping a plant operating at its optimum levels is nearly impossible unless that plant enjoys the luxury of knowing when, why and how to keep its equipment running at optimum efficiencies. There are special programs and tools that can be relied upon to meet these increasing demands.                       

One of the more interesting tools which are gaining in acceptance and popularity is Predictive Maintenance Services. Demsy is one of the few companies that has brought not only the technology but the capability needed to perform a multitude of tasks to assist any type of manufacturing plant large or small to meet demands now and into the future.     

From Automotive Manufacturing, to specialty ceramics, to antenna systems, Demsy has provided Vibration Analysis, Oil Analysis, Infrared Imaging and Ultrasonics Scanning. These tools are becoming mainstay in industries that need to be ahead of the game.

DEMSY is providing valuable information to plant personnel in order for them to remain ahead of the curve. Monitoring and trending such critical components as Motor-Fans, Motor-Pumps, Compressors, Machine Tools, Turbines, Conveyors-Drives, Gearboxes, the list is endless. By giving plant personnel information such as when to change a bearing, replace a belt, align a pulley, or replace a pump impeller, allows for: better scheduling, less downtime, better manpower utilization, and a significant reduction in catastrophic failures of equipment.

The net result of using DEMSY is greater productivity, less waste, more throughput and ultimately a better bottom line.



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